Clean Rooms

Actual Tree House

Kiddies Pond



Vegetable Garden

Flower Bed

Fruit bearing trees

Giant Umbrella with seating arrangements



Banana Plantation

Outdoor Dining Table

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. "-

: Albert Einstein 





Vanraee Family Resort is an ideal holiday destination which can be reached from Pune ,Thane,Mumbai ,Kolhapur very conveniently , it deserves more mention than that of an one day picnic spot or same day return short road trip.

Amba is gaining popularity as a preferred destination for family holidays, it is located close to the exterior perimeter of one of the largest protected lush green forests of Maharashtra, India.

Vanraee Family Resort offers excellent vacation packages to relax and unwind.

Excellent Hospitality, Clean rooms, Hygienic bathrooms & Toilets (Western & Indian) are a norm at Vanraee Family Resort. Special Attractions include an Actual Tree House, a Kiddies Pond with a Huge Aquarium.

Dining options include a spacious Dining Hall, a Gazebo with Campfire / Barbeque and an Outdoor Dining Table with a Gigantic Umbrella. Do have a look at the In-House Veggie Farm & Flower Bed.

The entire Resort’s surrounding is naturally cooled by Mango, Jackfruit & Mulberry Trees